May 15, 2017

Dayton Ohio Family Photographer | Family Film Sessions

About 5 months ago, I saw the most EPIC family vacation film ever…and ever since then I have been absolutely OBSESSED! I had to have {a film like} it! I wanted to show my awesome family and wanted to capture my family’s daily awesomeness. Maybe because I am also obsessed with my son and hubby! 😉

So I dove in. I started trying it, mentored with two amazing photographers, stayed up countless hours past any normal bed time…and well…I AM ECSTATIC about the results! 🙂 I know I will continue to grow and learn and make even more EPIC films for my family BUT in the mean time I want to make EPIC films for YOUR family!!! 😛 I just cannot believe how much more the film captures than photographs! And when you combine them, MAGIC happens!

This is seriously the greatest gift you can give to your family! This will immediately transport you back to those memories! The laughter, the love, the craziness that is your life right now! It won’t always be this way! And you won’t always be able to remember it, so film it so you can keep it forever!! 🙂

Here’s our FIRST family film (ok, ok…not quite a whole family as I fail to appear BUT I am much more comfortable behind the camera than in front of! I will work on that though!)

An Afternoon with Sam from Angela Keating on Vimeo.


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