January 23, 2017

We…are….LIVE!! :)

WOOHOO!! The new website is here!! I can’t wait to see what y’all think!!! Besides my terrible blogging (it’s bad – I totally know!! lol), I hope you LOVE everything else!!! Please feel free to make comments/suggestions! Honestly, a little love wouldn’t hurt because well this website has been a little like a second child..ok maybe more like a puppy…but still!! Hehehe.

So, I am excited to share the new site with everyone! I am even more excited to continue to put more and more work into this. I have been really studying and just immersing myself into more photography and hope that I can continue to capture these beautiful moments. Even though I have been working on the business side of this really hard for the last few months, I have also had the camera out a ton, just shooting away at little family moments! I am excited to really hone in on capturing the expressions, feelings, and love on camera! Life is so beautiful and amazing!

Enjoy some of my favorite moments captured to date!!


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