January 7, 2017

Slowly but surely…

Phew! This has been an experience! Setting up the website (seriously…not an easy task even with a hubby who basically does it for a living!!!) has been tough. I have been working really hard to bring my clients the best experience from Happy Snaps Photography but I will admit I have stopped and asked myself why I am pushing myself so hard probably 100x…of course the answer isn’t entirely simple, but ultimately it really is = this is my passion. I want to create images that speak to each one of my clients. An image that reaches their soul and they think in the moment that there possibly couldn’t be anything better in the entire world than that photograph of someone they love. That’s it. That’s why I am pushing myself. Life is short. There is no promise of tomorrow.

So…even though this is tough, and it is, I am going to keep pushing. Honestly, it may never pay off (I mean have you googled photographers? lol…) but if I capture that one image for a family that melts their heart, then that’s all that matters. The countless hours I have spent thinking about a, b,c…x, y, z and how each of those will affect my clients (let’s be honest though…all my clients become like friends and family!) has been exhausting but so fun and rewarding as well!

I simply can’t wait until that aha moment! There are certainly moments that could be an aha moment for me…but the first..is the new website going live!!! I can’t wait!! I wish I could create some sort of countdown and say it was going to happen in X number of days and have some crazy awesome way to countdown every day but, all in all, that’s more work! haha! So, as of right now, my personal goal to go live is next weekend! So until then….


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