February 19, 2017

Family Filmmaker and Photographer

I believe your family memories deserve to not only be captured, but to be highlighted with your own unique story. To me, family photography is more than just the happy faces smiling at the camera. It is the squeals of laughter from an intense tickle session, the way your toddler’s chubby fingers pick up those beloved cheerios, or the way your little one says “mama” so sweetly.

Through my films and photo sessions, I want to give you the pretty picture of everyone smiling to hang on your wall. But more importantly, I want to give you the gift of those memories, of those details, in a way that will allow you to to remember all the things about your sweet family forever. Family films do just that. Your life doesn’t stand still…why should your family photos? Let me capture your life in motion!

Let me tell your story.

And WATCH one of my family’s stories!


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